The ever-growing technology is prompting organizations not only to adapt rapidly to new technologies but also reconsider their approach towards quality assurance, software and product testing. Most of the organisations with in-house testing resources more often compromise on quality due to the growing challenges of having the required/right skill set, training on continuous improvements in their approach, and speed of technology adaptation.


Our Database has a huge number of qualified testing professionals which could be used for the growing demand for the companies worldwide, allowing our clients to augment their current QA staff with our qualified professionals. By utilizing our dynamic and flexible staffing model, CBSI can help you to adapt your team as per your business needs, growing or scaling back quickly and easily.

At CBSI we have complete talent solution for testing services:

  • Consulting on building a testing team
  • Performance engineering: Performance testing, benchmarking & tuning
  • Enterprise application services: SIEBEL CRM testing services, and SIEBEL testing solutions, SAP testing services, SAP CoE setup, SAP performance engineering services, SAP solution accelerators, , Oracle testing services, Oracle testing solutions.
  • Core testing services: Automation testing, Function black box testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing, system & integration testing, performance testing, software testing and risk-based testing.